ACBL Community Games

The community games within ACBL World might remind you of what you'd play at a real life ACBL bridge club. You play with and against others, in games that will be familiar.

These games are not solely for ACBL members. They're for everyone. This is where you'll find the premium human pair games on BBO. The place to take on partnerships from around the world.

What's so good about ACBL Community Games?

It's a simple formula; these are high quality games run by certified ACBL Tournament Directors.

There are various playing options; 18 Board open pairs, limited 499er pairs, or faster one-hour Speedball pair games, for when you only have an hour to spare.

It's not just about pairs though. You'll also find team games as well as plenty of robot tournaments to play solo. Take a look at the schedule to see the what's available.

If you're an ACBL member, you can win up to 4.00 Masterpoints® per tournament. If you're not an ACBL member, you'll win BBO points and you'll be playing in a well run, exciting game. And if, like thousands of others, you like playing them, you could always join the ACBL - give membership a whirl with their free, 3 month Guest Membership.

How do I play?

Click on ACBL World, then select the ACBL Community Game of your choice; Open, 0-499 or Speedball.

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