BBO-ACBL 20th Anniversary Poem

A poem written by DonFree

The year was oh four and the month it was June,
BBO ACBL was to go live real soon.
The servers were loaded with BBO Version 1,
And players lined up, ready for fun.

Twenty years now have flown, with changes galore,
New platforms, mobiles, and AI to explore.
BBO set the tone, with vision so strong,
It's not very often that things went wrong.

Thousands of players log in every day,
With robots and friends, together they play.
In tough times of pandemic, BBO stood tall,
A harbor for bridge, a refuge for all.

We thank you for being a patron and friend
Here's to many more years, may BridgeBase never end.

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14 comments on “BBO-ACBL 20th Anniversary Poem”

  1. Un desafío y diversión diaria, una gran excusa para juntarnos .
    Gracias BBO POR permitirnos un entretenimiento compartido con personas alrededor de mundo!!

  2. Happy Anniversary
    And hopefully some many more years to be with us!!
    Your friend from Venezuela , wishing the best to you all BBO family!!

    1. **A Tribute to Two Decades of BBO**

      In the early days of June, twenty years ago,
      BBO emerged, setting the bridge world aglow.
      With servers robust and a vision so clear,
      It offered a platform that we all hold dear.

      Through countless innovations and tech's embrace,
      BBO has carved out its unique, cherished space.
      From desktop to mobile, AI to chat,
      It’s evolved and grown, imagine that!

      Players flock daily, in their thousands they meet,
      For friendly competition, or just a fun retreat.
      During challenging times, when the world seemed small,
      BBO was our sanctuary, connecting us all.

      To our loyal patrons, you’re the heart and soul,
      Thank you for your support, and making us whole.
      Here’s to the future, bright and unending,
      May BBO’s legacy keep on ascending.

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