BBOers Festival Winners - July 2024

July's Festival news round-up

The July Festival has now come to an end, and here's how things panned out. In the Country vs. Country Championships, Arnvid (ajo) came out on top, with suntung in 2nd, and Bernard Dehaye (Alienor2) coming home in 3rd. Overall Türkiye came out on top with a score of 58.11%, and very closely behind, Poland finished in 2nd, scoring 57.00%. The team from the rest of the world finished 3rd with an overall score of 56.63%.

A big shoutout goes to Paul Grünke (thetaker), from Germany, for winning this month's Stars & Platinum Robot Individual, in front of Sławomir Niajko (slawek_sl) and Artur Wasiak (AWasiak).

Special congratulations go to all of the players you can see below for making it onto July's podiums, and big thanks go out to everyone for taking part and making the July festival so much fun!

July's Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini SurvivorStars and Platinum Robot Individual
Brad Johnston
Radu Popescu
( radu120)
Paul Grünke
suntungArseny Shur
Jerzy Falkowski
Sławomir Niajko
Bernard Dehaye
Ross Shine
( Mind42)
Artur Wasiak

Quicklinks to the results

Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1ajoNorway71.3655.37100 BB$
2suntungIndonesia70.3255.1550 BB$
3Alienor2Denmark69.6754.9325 BB$
4sharlot108Israel69.6354.7210 BB$
5tec1234South Africa69.0654.510 BB$
6terasakWorld68.854.2910 BB$
7jerlyn001Canada67.6254.0710 BB$
8waltrakPoland67.0753.8610 BB$
9garethUnited Kingdom66.9253.6410 BB$
10dst463Finland66.5753.4310 BB$
11yrWorld66.4253.225 BB$
12pumpkin644Canada66.3953.015 BB$
13sAnJiT dEyIndia66.3752.85 BB$
14KingKnutNorway66.2852.595 BB$
15nercanUnited States66.2652.395 BB$
16vkuetl_ptrIsrael66.1452.185 BB$
17itu oguzhaTürkiye66.0651.975 BB$
18jmundayUnited States65.9751.775 BB$
19daw28United States65.8151.565 BB$
20stepihuntEstonia65.7651.365 BB$
21mcaplanIreland65.6251.165 BB$
22abic_68Türkiye65.6150.955 BB$
23gacek986Poland65.5850.755 BB$
24matthewbUnited Kingdom65.3650.555 BB$
25otasvoWorld65.1650.355 BB$
26agumperzUnited States65.1250.155 BB$
27ivdimbsWorld65.0849.965 BB$
28didrikNorway65.0149.765 BB$
29francis79France64.9449.465 BB$
29danutRomania64.9449.465 BB$
31gerbs5World64.7449.173 BB$
32Quito17Denmark64.6948.983 BB$
33derpppUnited States64.648.783 BB$
34hsternUnited States64.4348.43 BB$
35pgs58Canada64.3148.213 BB$
36bigmaxUnited States64.2148.023 BB$
37rott2020Estonia64.0947.833 BB$
38nasi udukIndonesia64.0547.643 BB$
39DoiziWorld64.0247.363 BB$
39kolor2003Poland64.0247.363 BB$
40Super1963World63.9247.081 BB$
42santafeWorld63.9146.891 BB$
43orinjSharkUnited States63.8546.711 BB$
44prebenvmDenmark63.8446.521 BB$
45malagaliTürkiye63.6546.341 BB$
46guzidentisTürkiye63.6246.151 BB$
47teddexWorld63.5845.971 BB$
48Paperu_65Indonesia63.5745.791 BB$
49sloanbad88United Kingdom63.5445.611 BB$
50hkn85Türkiye63.4345.341 BB$
50PSMartinUnited States63.4345.341 BB$

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3-Day Robot Survivor


RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1nohk72.7710 BB$
2Kammerer70.925 BB$
3pyzh69.445 BB$
4badesh68.465 BB$
5Fuat_2868.185 BB$
6Andrzeji68.135 BB$
7Charlescmn67.655 BB$
8poijlkj67.465 BB$
9aslan45k67.225 BB$
10robert_pr66.75 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1bb38781.275 BB$
2Szerchan80.585 BB$
3Kammerer80.285 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1nohk82.645 BB$
2ebisu11176.595 BB$
3poohbear76.545 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1J Li77.695 BB$
2Andrzeji77.655 BB$
3poijlkj77.615 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1radu12071.2410 BB$
2jerzyfalko70.345 BB$
3Mind4269.755 BB$
4Leszczak69.425 BB$
5Goral6969.355 BB$
6robert_pr69.025 BB$
7mhsje68.445 BB$
8MonkeyBro68.435 BB$
9jquery68.355 BB$
10gareth68.245 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1radu12082.695 BB$
2combi p81.695 BB$
3dobbynshou80.705 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1Jorosimeon80.155 BB$
2Stradair80.025 BB$
3haspol6879.895 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1chuekl78.125 BB$
2petsas77.715 BB$
3MonkeyBro77.655 BB$

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*Players who enter with multiple aliases are not eligible for prizes.

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