Paul Grünke Wins Stars and Platinum

The BBOers July Festival finished yesterday, so let's take a look at who came out top in the premium Stars and Platinum 3 Day Robot Individual.

This month was a close call! Congratulations to Paul Grünke (thetaker), from Germany, who scored 62.18%, claiming the top spot. You may have heard about Paul as he had already won the Stars and Platinum back in June 2023. He shared a few of his stories and tips in this article at the time.
Paul did well every day, with scores of 67.16% on Day 1, 60.60% on Day 2, and 58.79% on Day 3.

In second place, also scoring 62.18% but with fewer points, Sławomir Niajko (slawek_sl) from the Seychelles was very close behind. This shows how the robot individual can be fun, exciting and competitive!

Finishing third and closely behind Artur Wasiak (AWasiak), from Poland, also did really well, scoring 61.98%.

Just so you know, Stars & Platinum is a special tournament that only certain players can join – you have to be a star or have at least 5 ACBL Platinum points.

This month's Stars and Platinum was a close call, well done to everyone who took part. Check out all the leaderboards below.

RankNameCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1thetakerGermany62.1815.27100 BB$
2slawek_slSeychelles62.1814.1250 BB$
3AWasiakPoland61.9815.0620 BB$
4M_LCanada61.3916.0910 BB$
5nerdpower9USA60.7411.8210 BB$
6punkydoodlUSA60.2213.0410 BB$
7rvIndia60.2111.7210 BB$
8PeteSagerUSA59.838.9410 BB$
9flavors123USA59.8210.1110 BB$
10woengelUSA59.7711.0010 BB$

Day 1

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1dvkrUSA67.69.7410 BB$
2thetakerGermany67.169.5510 BB$
3datoGeorgia64.89.3710 BB$

Day 2

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1slawek_slSeychelles68.537.8610 BB$
2svenja17Germany66.887.6710 BB$
3rvIndia66.267.4910 BB$

Day 3

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1AwasiakPoland65.26.6710 BB$
2crittersCanada64.946.4810 BB$
3hajibaba78USA64.156.310 BB$

Click here to see the overall results.

Overall Results

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