BBOers Festival Winners - June 2024

June's Festival news round-up

The June Festival has now come to an end, and here's how things panned out. In the Country vs. Country Championships, Re.Da (preda) came out on top, with Bulent Aslan (baylind) in 2nd, and M Nowosadski (west sit) coming home in 3rd. Overall Türkiye came out on top with a score of 58.10%, and very closely behind, Poland finished in 2nd, scoring 58.00%. The team from the rest of the world finished 3rd with an overall score of 57.50%.

A big shoutout goes to  Jim Streisand (strei1), from USA, for winning this month's Stars & Platinum Robot Individual, in front of Arend Bayer (cherdano) and Alexej Gerasimov (avgera).

Special congratulations go to all of the players you can see below for making it onto June's podiums, and big thanks go out to everyone for taking part and making the June festival so much fun!

June's Podiums

Country vs Country Championship3-Day Robot Survivor3-Day Mini SurvivorStars and Platinum Robot Individual
Jorge Barrera
Brad Johnston
(9 nohk)
Jim Streisand
Bulent Aslan
Slawek Piechocki
(9 kenomed)
Arend Bayer
 M Nowosadski
(west sit)
Jim Munday
(9 alm888)
Alexej Gerasimov

Quicklinks to the results

Country vs Country
3 Day Robot Survivor
3 Day Mini Survivor

Country vs Country Championship

Country vs Country Prize Winners

RankPlayerCountryScore (%)PointsPrize
1preda9Poland69.6675.95100 BB$
2baylindTürkiye68.675.7250 BB$
3West sitPoland67.8775.525 BB$
4244United States67.7775.2710 BB$
5cngzTürkiye67.5475.0510 BB$
6skopje70Macedonia67.0674.8310 BB$
7kamil 26Poland66.774.6110 BB$
8zhangmaiUnited States66.4274.3810 BB$
9neskorUkraine66.2474.1610 BB$
10ledeburitTürkiye66.0873.9410 BB$
11lucmarItaly65.9173.725 BB$
12maaijkeThe Netherlands65.5473.55 BB$
13Arun NaUnited Kingdom65.5373.285 BB$
14hakimoSaudi Arabia65.5273.075 BB$
15tomerlonIsrael65.4472.855 BB$
16mjm67Bulgaria65.4172.635 BB$
17gtatarCanada65.3672.425 BB$
18upstateUnited States65.3472.095 BB$
18Alex.PRussia65.3472.095 BB$
20bonzossTürkiye65.2771.775 BB$
21PAWKOLPoland65.2471.565 BB$
22tec1234South Africa64.971.355 BB$
23anthonyukUnited Kingdom64.7171.135 BB$
24przy_palPoland64.5670.925 BB$
25aydin3United States64.4670.715 BB$
26mgokcenUnited States64.3770.55 BB$
27Markk12Hungary64.3470.295 BB$
28yadnyUnited States64.1770.085 BB$
29atalokTürkiye64.1669.875 BB$
30kania12Poland64.1569.675 BB$
31ljsunserUnited States64.1369.463 BB$
32IgorGPoland63.9569.153 BB$
32caky_Türkiye63.9569.153 BB$
34NostrijsLatvia63.9468.843 BB$
35janhamhurgGermany63.968.643 BB$
36shifengsunUnited States63.8868.333 BB$
36emre kayaTürkiye63.8868.333 BB$
38EliHornIsrael63.7668.033 BB$
39dbsmalaushUnited States63.7367.623 BB$
39kelanIreland63.7367.623 BB$
41GrantPUnited States63.6767.121 BB$
41omleungUnited States63.6767.121 BB$
43VK 998Lithuania63.6366.821 BB$
44hoynsTürkiye63.566.331 BB$
44arufTürkiye63.566.331 BB$
46grzes33Poland63.4966.031 BB$
47fan_fouCanada63.4565.841 BB$
48ivaylovskiBulgaria63.4465.641 BB$
49miguelloUnited Kingdom63.2765.441 BB$
50abgulsunTürkiye63.2265.251 BB$

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3-Day Robot Survivor


RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1santafe75.6710 BB$
2Mcauley71.895 BB$
3jmunday71.815 BB$
4arpat1969.275 BB$
5rburu68.745 BB$
6herbie2268.725 BB$
7gogober168.715 BB$
8hudy5868.225 BB$
9chris1966367.895 BB$
10mruf67.695 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1SarPaulsen81.35 BB$
2jipme680.845 BB$
3thetaker80.455 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1santafe83.85 BB$
2kaloqn79.025 BB$
3IgorG77.965 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1arpat1981.225 BB$
2zwierzung80.725 BB$
3santafe77.415 BB$

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3-Day Mini Survivor

Overall Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1nohk69.2710 BB$
2kenomed68.795 BB$
3alm88868.745 BB$
4arkrich68.635 BB$
5 Mian5968.235 BB$
6gly5868.125 BB$
7Felix7867.775 BB$
8 helten1067.765 BB$
9loekkerau67.375 BB$
10wolf_ojk67.325 BB$

Day 1 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1arnold2183.845 BB$
2gly5881.465 BB$
3gracz5980.465 BB$

Day 2 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)BB$ Prize
1lubitel76.855 BB$
2evko bg75.965 BB$
3gracz5975.955 BB$
RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1SASek81.385 BB$
2ezber0477.965 BB$
3gautamdas76.125 BB$

Day 3 Winners

RankPlayerScore (%)Prize
1pria biasa78.75 BB$
2alm88878.085 BB$
3Count_Trix75.615 BB$

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*Players who enter with multiple aliases are not eligible for prizes.

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  1. Very strange! I live in Belgium and I did it on my own laptop in my country and now I am registered as an USA player and not in world.
    Dropke United States 57.59 516 16.37
    Can you check please, thanks for reply

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