Masterclass #2 - Squeeze Plays

Bridge Lesson

In this Masterclass, you'll learn what a squeeze is, how it works, and what you need to consider and do to make it work. Watch until the end as you’ll be able to try out some hands involving squeeze play techniques.

Try Bridge Master if you’d like to improve your declarer play - it’s free to use and there are lots of hands to try, from beginner level all the way up to world champion standard!

Go to 'Practice' and choose 'Bridge Master'.

19 comments on “Masterclass #2 - Squeeze Plays”

  1. The Squeeze master class was fantastic. I understand the principles for the first time. I need to do a bunch more practice so another class just with basic examples to practice with and reinforce the key principles would be helpful. Regardless, great job Steve!

  2. I love your presentation on squeezes and would appreciate more on the same topic. I always wondered how the experts got so familiar with these kind of plays and your tutorial maps it out logically.

  3. Thanks for listening to the comments by making this video on squeezes! My game has improved by watching your videos : keep them coming!

  4. Exellent video! I would like more videos on squeezes. It seems so logical when he does it but not as easy at the table!

  5. Clear, well spoken at understandable delivery speed, and good to stress that declarer should only be on lookout for a specific card being played, instead of trying to count both opps hands. Thx

  6. Great video on squeezes. Thank you. I'd like to see more on the different types of squeezes available.

  7. Thanks Steve!

    This is by far the simplest explanation of a simple squeeze and key points to remember!

    Much appreciated. Daniel

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