March 2024: BBO Royals & Masters Tournament Winners

We invited our BBO Royals (players who've achieved the ranks ) and BBO Masters (players holding the ranks   etc.) to play in a special tournament on March 28.

Congratulations to March's Royals & Masters winners! 

1. usla 73.68 - Romania
2. ranbe 72.55 - Israel
3. dysergy 72.35 - USA

1643 players registered to play in March. See the final results here.

Well done to all the wonderful Royals and Masters who took part. See you next month for more Royal treatment!

2 comments on “March 2024: BBO Royals & Masters Tournament Winners”

  1. I thought I had registered and could not get on. I tried the day of the tourney and could not find any mention of the tourney. You did not respond to my email inquiries and have yet to respond at all. Very disappointed, dalaiJeff

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