Bookworm Bridge Conundrums - #1

This conundrum was written by Patrick O'Connor and was originally published in A First Book of Bridge Problems - you can find out all about the book further down the page.

Problem 4 from ‘A First Book of Bridge Problems’

You are South playing in 6NT. Gulp!

You open 2NT (20-21 HCP). Partner has a balanced hand with 13 points and knows that the partnership total is 33 or 34 points, so bids 6NT immediately. No messing around!

West leads the ♦️8. How do you plan to play the hand?

About the Book

A First Book of Bridge Problems comprises fifty problems in declarer play and defense for the beginning player, presented in approximate order of difficulty, with emphasis on planning the play at the first trick. The hands are presented to the reader as they would encounter them playing at the table. Unlike in a textbook, where topics are introduced systematically, there is no clue as to what type of play is required. Experienced players recognize certain standard situations without having to work them out. This does not apply to novices, who spend a lot of mental effort on them. The book will help the novice player to develop their recognition of these situations. Winner of the 2012 ABTA Book of the Year of the Award!

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