Test Your Bridge Skills #47

Written by Oren Lidor.

Hand 1

What will you bid as South?

Hand 2

What will you bid as South?

Hand 3

Sitting West against 4 you led the ♣A and partner followed with the ♣10. What will you do next?

Hand 4

You play 3NT and West led the ♠4. How will you play?

About the Author

Oren Lidor is considered one of the best bridge teachers in Israel, is the author of 5 bridge books, and teaches bridge to people from all over the world on BBO.

12 comments on “Test Your Bridge Skills #47”
  1. Hand 1 is not worth a cue bid. The jacks are worthless and Qxx is an apparition. Bid 2C and see what happens. If need be compete to 3 C

  2. Your comments seem to indicate that a jump advance of a negative double 1D - (2C) - X - P - 3M is forcing. What happened to bidding the full value of your hand there? I would never bid only 2M with 16-17 points, I would make an invitational jump to 3M.

  3. first problem 2 harts is absolutely wrong much better 2 clubs after ic ih this is not forcing

    1. After winning the 3rd round of spades, if one tests the clubs first and the Jack doesn't fall, you MIGHT go down losing 3 spades, 1 club and 1 heart.

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