Test Your Bridge Skills #46

Written by Oren Lidor.

Hand 1

What will you bid as South?

Hand 2

What will you bid as South?

Hand 3

Sitting West against 4♠, you led the ♣AK, partner followed with the ♣2 and the ♣5 and the declarer played the ♣Q3. What will you do next?

Hand 4

You're playing 3NT, and West led the ♠4. East followed with the ♠J, and you won with the ♠Q, then played a Club to the ♣Q, which won the trick. What will you do next?

About the Author

Oren Lidor is considered one of the best bridge teachers in Israel, is the author of 5 bridge books, and teaches bridge to people from all over the world on BBO.

14 comments on “Test Your Bridge Skills #46”
  1. Sorry but the 2!d is a really bad choice. Most will play it as a limit raise in !h OR better hand. The problem is that though this is a better hand is likely to bid 3!H forcing you to pass or
    bid 3N. You could be off the top 5+ tricks. Bid 1N and see if
    p bids again... Even bidding 2N has the same added dangers.
    Yes I know may will want to bid 2!d however in this case it is totally the wrong call. The Kid!

    1. Real answer is 2NT, Why it is not in answer sheet. 2 dia is nonsense. If you bid 2dia, opps bid dbl, what would your partner bid? 2 dia bid makes complexity in bidding. Actually, I hate fictive bids, bids can reflect your cards, not dreams.

  2. As usual I get the play and defence correct, but the bidding 'wrong' because the question assumes a bidding system that is not what everyone plays. The meaning of the 2D bid on Board 1 has a wide choice of options, but only one is assumed here. I play an overcall system that is heavily Pairs-based and requires a good suit but not a good hand, so partner might have overcalled 1H on 6-15 points. Game is highly unlikely ... it only happens when you carefully stack the West hand with all the useless diamond honours, and carefully stack the North hand with the hugely useful black Queens, diamond solo and solid hearts. On board 2, where did partner's forcing pass on the assumption that "we're clearly on the offense (game is for us)" come from? Any competent bidder with long clubs and short spades would stretch to compete, surely, even on this color? I would make the same bid with the D2 instead of the DA.

  3. On 2nd maybe it is statistically better to play FP red/white but it is at least questionable. Your 5c bid might be based on shape and 5s bidder could have half of the deck in HCP. To say that pass is clearly forcing is definitely too much.

  4. Hand 2 only God know if my partner has 3 diamonds and 4 clubs or the inverse, so bid 4NT is at least 6-4 in minors; in fact on 4 spades I bidded 5 clubs not 4NT. I know that my pd has at least 4-2 in minors: the choice is partner hand.
    Hand 3: my pd has 5 clubs, so discarding 3-6: no preferences but 3-5 prefer lowest colour. Knowing all cards of my partner I can understand the differences bitwind the discards. The revers is true: my pd is very poor in points but discard is clear.