Play the New ACBL Life-Master Robot Daylong

Exclusive Games for all ACBL Life-Masters!

This invitational game has been designed exclusively for top players, who've reached the level of ACBL Life-Master. Lots of you got stuck into the pilot version during the New Year's Countdown, so we've created the ACBL Life-Master Robot Daylong as a permanent fixture on the games schedule.

If you're an ACBL Life-Master, then these competitive daylongs are for you. Only Life-Masters can play, so you can be sure you'll be up against a quality field.

You'll play 12 boards MP, and aim to win ACBL Masterpoints® and BBO Points. As with all daylongs you have 24 hours (from 5AM to 5AM US Eastern Time) to complete your boards. You can start, pause, resume at any time, without losing your progress. This is a game that fits around your schedule, and you can play around your face to face games or online pairs games on BBO.

Click ACBL World > ACBL Life-Master Robot Daylong to give it a go.

8 comments on “Play the New ACBL Life-Master Robot Daylong”

  1. I don’t understand it at all. What am I supposed to click on to play? Where do I go. What does it cost. Where do I find something that says …Daylong robot game?

    1. Hi Margaret, To play in the ACBL Life-Master Robot Daylong, follow these steps:

      Log in to Bridge Base Online (BBO).
      Click on "ACBL World" in the main menu.
      Look for the tournament named "ACBL Life-Master Robot Daylong."
      Click on the tournament to join.

      The cost is 1.99 BB$. Enjoy playing!

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