Video: The Quest for the 100% CVII

Hanoi5 is Hanoi Rondón, professor of bridge and Academic Director of the Chilean Bridge Federation. He brings us his weekly rally for 100% with the robots in the Weekly Free Instant Tournament.

Two redoubled contracts, fooling the robots for the lead is a very common theme. One hand can be made by pushing a slam contract but we played for all the marbles and got to 9710 Total points.

2 comments on “Video: The Quest for the 100% CVII”

  1. Hand #8 you can make on overtrick (win the lead with the AC, play and win the trump with the AH and play another trump) and score +110 🙂

    P.S. I am still wondering what are we playing for in this (anti-bridge) puzzle:
    1. 1st to solve
    2. Best time
    3. Total points
    4. # of attempts or
    5. # of nicknames per player

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