Sedat Aluf wins the December's Stars and Platinum for the second time!

The BBOers December Festival has come to its conclusion and it’s time to see who came out on top in the Stars & Platinum Robot Individual. There are three world class players dominating the podium this month.

Sedat Aluf

Sedat Aluf (monk99) from Türkiye claimed the top spot with an overall score of 63.39%. He’s been very consistent throughout, scoring 62.17%, 61.91% and a wonderful 66.08% on the final day. This is Sedat's second Stars & Platinum win (he came top in July too). We did an interview with him after his first win and you can read it here.

Hector Camberos (hectorc) from Argentina, stayed in second-place, a position he's held since day 2, with an overall score of 62.22%. Michal Nowosadzki (mlodygda83) from Switzerland came home in third, jumping up the leaderboard on the final day, finishing just behind hector on 62.02%.

Michel secured third spot overall after dominating day 3 with a massive 68.91%. Uday Ivatury (uday) took second spot with another big score, 68.33% (securing 4th Overall), and Sedat Aluf rounded out the final day's podium.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all of you who took part and pushed the podium winners hard.


RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1monk9963.3926.8100 BB$
2hectorc62.2224.6650 BB$
3mlodygda8362.0219.3620 BB$
4uday61.7819.1410 BB$
5emanuelec61.2722.2310 BB$
6rops6119.6810 BB$
7inonli60.5218.2210 BB$
8juggler59.8918.0210 BB$
9naninga59.4515.9710 BB$
10dvkr59.4415.810 BB$

Day 1

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1VulkaN72.8311.3610 BB$
2Leo LaSota68.6411.1710 BB$
37532266.6810.9810 BB$

Day 2

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1zman166.911.3610 BB$
2punkydoodl66.3111.1710 BB$
3passell65.4110.9810 BB$

Day 3

RankPlayerScore (%)PointsBB$ Prize
1mlodygda8368.9111.3610 BB$
2uday68.3311.1710 BB$
3monk9966.0810.9810 BB$

See the full leaderboard below.

Result after Day 3

Check out the results from Day 2 here.

1 2 3 146