Klaus Reps leads Stars and Platinum after day 2

The BBOers December Festival is sticking to form and keeping the excitement alive! We move into day 2 of the Stars & Platinum Robot Individual where the competition is really heating up. As always, there have been some shifts at the top of the leaderboard.

Klaus Reps

First, let's take a look at the podium for day 2. Zachary Brescoll (zman1) from Charlotte, NC, finished first with 66.90%. Very close behind, in second place is Robert Schachte (punkydoodl) from Eden Prairie, MN, scoring 66.31%. In the third spot is Mike Passell (passell) from Plano, TX, with 65.41%.

Looking at the overall standings, Klaus Reps (rops) from Germany is leading with 63.33%. His play is a tale of consistency, scoring 65.11% on day 1 and 61.54% on day 2. Close on his heels is Hector Camberos (hectorc) from Charlotte, NC, with 62.72%, scoring 64.73% on day 1 and 60.70% on day 2. In the third position is Sedat Aluf (monk99) from Turkiye with 62.04%.

Among the winners from the first day, Volkan Denizci (vulkan) continues to perform well, maintaining a top 10 position with a score of 61.13%.

It's a tight competition, and anything can happen on the final day. Come back tomorrow to see how everything unfolds.

See the full leaderboard below.

Result after Day 2

Check out the results from Day 1 here.

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