Volkan Denizci leads Stars and Platinum after day 1

The BBOers December Festival kicked off yesterday, and one of the regular highlights is the Stars & Platinum Robot Individual. It's a monthly opportunity for top players to compete in a large scale, high quality game. This month there are 1046 players in, let's see who's leading the leaderboard after day 1.

Volkan Denizci

After the first day, Volkan Denizci (vulkan) from Türkiye, has taken the lead with an impressive 72.83%.

In second place is Leo Lasota (LeoLasota) from Glen Burnie, MD, with a score of 68.64%. And in third place is CF Wai (75322), from Hong Kong, China, with a score of 66.68%.

The leaderboard always sees significant changes from day to day, so it'll be exciting to see how everyone does on day 2. Check the newsfeed tomorrow for the next update.

See the full leaderboard below.

Result after Day 1

4 comments on “Volkan Denizci leads Stars and Platinum after day 1”

  1. Not open to all as the name suggests. If you have more than 10 ranking points, you get an invite in "Free tournaments", i think.

    1. Hi, it's under Free Tournament section, but this is an invitational tournament, restricted to BBO Star players (players who have represented their country live, in international championships) and players with at least 5 ACBL Platinum Points.

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