Video: Bidders Challenge of March - April 2023 with Hanoi and Marc Smith

We take a look at three situations from the previous month where the experts and the competitors disagreed. An easy challenge, according to Marc, be careful with the hand with the solid hearts, for you didn't open the bidding. Have a look, make your decisions and play the challenge here.

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5 comments on “Video: Bidders Challenge of March - April 2023 with Hanoi and Marc Smith”

  1. Did Hanoi really not quiz Marc further on problem 5 after Marc said that he had votes for 3H, 6H and 5D?!
    If so, Marc's comments might have been illuminating!?

  2. There are quite a few participants that are not getting confirmation emails. I did not get one this round so have contacted Marc Smith. Hopefully this is fixed soon as many are not getting their submissions recognized.

    1. You're right, there is a temporary issue with the deliverability of the email that you normally receive after submitting your bids. Don't worry, your bids are being received. In the meantime take a note of your bids while we are trying to fix the issue. We've included this message on the challenge page so that people know not to go hunting through their emails. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Sorry about this.

  3. What about the contest rules? I thought we had all of March to think about the hands. Nevertheless, I submitted my bids. Twice (with a week in-between) because I assumed something was wrong as there was no confirmation e-mail.

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