Yauheni Siutsau (zhenya__S) wins the Spring 2023 NABC Robot Individual

After three days of intense competition, the Spring 2023 NABC Robot Individual has come to a close, and the official results are in. Yauheni Siutsau (zhenya__S) from Loveland, OH, emerged as the tournament's top performer, scoring an impressive 69.42% to take home the top prize. This is Yauheni's second win, having previously grabbed an NABC title in the summer of 2021.

Eric Robinson (CorpLaw) from Park City, UT, secured the second spot with an equally impressive score of 69.36%, while Andrea Boldrini (mattopo) from Roma, Italy, took third place with a score of 68.80%.

Flight A was dominated by Yauheni Siutsau, who put in a remarkable performance throughout the tournament. Felix Schwartz (fs29) from Rockaway Park, NY, was the standout player in Flight B, finishing with a score of 66.27%, while Richard Rizza (submicron) from North Bellmore, NY, topped Flight C with a score of 63.83%. Congratulations to all 2507 players who competed to make the tournament such a success. Check out the complete rankings to see where you placed!

We appreciate your participation and would love to hear from you with your thoughts and experiences. If you have any interesting hands or anecdotes from the tournament, please share in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed the Spring 2023 NABC Robot Individual Tournament!

Day one results

1st75.64%Andrea Boldrinimattopo
2nd74.44%Lyle DockendorfLyleD
3rd74.10%Eric RobinsonCorpLaw

Day two results

1st73.52%David Smithleftfoot
2nd72.88%Zachary Maddengartinmale
3rd72.35%Felix Schwartzfs29

Day three results

1st75.43%Gabriel Dumitrasciucgdum111
2nd74.40%Aaron Jonesrduran1216
3rd72.58%Jonathan Weinsteinjlw77

Overall results

1st69.42%Yauheni Siutsauzhenya__S
2nd69.36%Eric RobinsonCorpLaw
3rd68.80%Andrea Boldrinimattopo

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