Video: Bidders Challenge of February and March 2023 with Hanoi and Marc Smith

Once again we look at three situations from the previous month where competitors underbid or didn't understand what was going on. The Challenge isn't such a hard one this month, according to Marc. I say there are too many hearts. Have a look, make your decisions and play the challenge here.

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5 comments on “Video: Bidders Challenge of February and March 2023 with Hanoi and Marc Smith”

  1. My objection to board 7 was not so much what double means as it was an inadequate explanation of 2H. Is it “4H or 4S”? “4H and 4S”? Could it be a random 4432 seven count? Did partner not double initially because of not knowing enough about opener? Too much of a blind guess as to what is going on for my liking.

  2. We can guess that the yellow box indicates an alerted bid. But the explanations are not readily available. Only last December I found the explanations... and only on a separate pdf-version of the questions. Looks like hovering the mouse on top of the yellow box does not work for every one.

    I do recall scoring badly (in the past) on at least two hands because my guess to the meaning of the alert was off.

    Don't get me wrong. This is a very enjoyable contest!

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