BBO Reward Games

Win points and BB$ rewards

Reward games are fun and exciting. Some are purely skill based, and others rely on a bit of luck too. Playing reward games gives you the opportunity to win BBO points AND BB$ rewards too.

They're fun and can be challenging

Reward games are fun and give you a different style of bridge to enjoy. You'll need to challenge your preconceptions and adapt your playing strategy to do well. They're great practice, and stop you from getting stuck in your ways.

Reward games to suit everyone and every schedule

There are lots of reward games to play and you can choose any of them throughout the day. Here are the different variations to get stuck into:

  • Express Reward 4 Fast Boards
    Individual, you're assigned a new partner and opponents every round. You play 4 hands - it's fast and fun; score 55% or higher and win a BB$ reward.
  • Zenith Daylong Reward
    Individual, with robots. 16 boards, Matchpoints. Play at your own pace, you have up to 24 hours to complete your boards. You can stop and resume later if you need a break. There is usually a massive field, often with over 1,000 players. 70% of the entry fees go back to top finishers as BB$ rewards.
  • Robot Rebate 55%
    Individual, with robots. One hour to play 12 boards, Matchpoints, against a strong field. Score 55% or higher to win a BB$ reward.
  • Robot Reward Best Hand
    Individual, with robots, total points scoring. 15 minutes to accumulate as many total points as possible. You have the Best Hand at the table. 70% of the entry fees go back to top finishers as BB$ rewards.
  • Daylong Reward - 8 Random Boards
    Individual, with robots. 8 boards, total points. Try your luck and see if you get the magic 8 boards to secure a top spot in the final rankings. 70% of the entry fees go back to top finishers as BB$ rewards.

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