Find the lead

By Baptiste Combescure - originally published in Bridgerama+

Dear BBOers, have a go at these bidding problems. Your overall score will be displayed, along with the correct answers once you’ve completed the exercise. Good luck!

Find the Lead bis

Find the Lead bis

What do you lead as West?

Question 1

Answer: a) 5
Against No-Trump, when you have two five-card suits, it’s important to lead the better one, in other words the one that can be established faster. It's Hearts, so you need to lead your fourth best, the Heart 5.


Question 2

Answer: a) ♣J
Your partner has overcalled whilst vulnerable, so must have a good suit. You need to respect their bid and hope for an outside entry in their hand; it's your best chance to beat the contract.


Question 3

Answer: b) ♠3

You have almost all the points of your side; there's no hope for Clubs this time. Your Spade suit is good, and you have a sure entry. Lead the Spade 3 and hope that either the King is doubleton, or your partner holds the Jack, so that the suit can be set up in one go.


Question 4

Answer: c) ♣5
North’s 4 Splinter, infers a 4-1-5-3 distribution. With no opposition in your opponents’ suits, it’s important to lead aggressively. Take your chance and play the Club 5.


Question 5

Answer: d) 4

Here, neither of your opponents has shown a long suit, and 1♣ can be three cards. It’s preferable to go for a neutral lead. Leading a Heart is dangerous with such a holding. A Club might fall into a real suit. You should lead from the suit with the lower honor, thus a Diamond rather than a Spade. From a suit headed by an honor we lead “3rd and 5” (standard count), here the 4.


Question 6

Answer: a) ♠6

Lead a trump so as not to give anything away and to prevent ruffs, if say, dummy has two Spades and two Diamonds.

This article was written by Baptiste Combescure and was originally published in Bridgerama+.

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