Video: Bidders Challenge 9 and 10 with Hanoi and Marc Smith

Back to IMP's only. The theme seems to be 'they have diamonds'. This might be the easiest of the year, only three really problematic situations and the options are almost always pretty clear. Have a look, make your decisions and play the challenge here.

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5 comments on “Video: Bidders Challenge 9 and 10 with Hanoi and Marc Smith”

  1. Marc said the Panel would pass and the competitors will bid on. Not a sure thing, but that's what he thinks will happen.

  2. I'm glad you noticed it. Marc and I talk for about an hour, the video you watch is just my edit. I thought it would be interesting to see how Marc's prediction turns out, I'll be glad to tell you the missing words if you think they are needed or if it wasn't clear from the rest of the conversation 🙂

  3. On Question 3 Marc says "The Panel will vote for xx and 80% of the competition entrants will vote for xx". So it looks like 2 parts have been deliberately muted by Hanoi, a fellow competitor, so only he (and maybe any lip readers!) know what Marc said? Hardly fair, as the information should be available to all entrants not just one!

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