Alex Perlin (ashdown4) wins the Summer 2022 NABC Robot Individual

The official results are in for the Summer 2022 NABC Robot Individual! We're pleased to announce that the winner is Alex Perlin (ashdown4) with 69.94%. Jordan Chodorow, (jcwla) comes in second with 67.63%, closely followed by Alex Kolesnik (kolesnik) in third with 67.41 %. You can see the complete rankings here.

This is actually the third time Alex Perlin has won. A remarkable achievement. He was very consistent and scored well on all three days; he scored 67.92% on day one, 72.06% on day two (topped the leaderboard) and 69.83% on day 3. His top 10 finish on day 3 took him to the top of the overall rankings with 69.94%. A great achievement!

Great play also by Wanfeng Mou (wmou), who topped Flight B and C with 66.91%.

Well done to all 2297 of you who took part in the tournament! Find out where you finished up by clicking here.

Day one results

  • 1st: Leo LaSota 77.23%
  • 2nd: jcwla 75.92%
  • 3rd: mrlyonking 71.74%

Day two results

  • 1st: ashdown4 72.06%
  • 2nd: JRMayne 71.83%
  • 3rd: andrebbo 71.56%

Day three results

  • 1st: hyang 75.59%
  • 2nd: taydog 74.25%
  • 3rd: chrismoh 74.19%

Overall results

  • 1st: ashdown4 69.94%
  • 2nd: jcwla 67.63%
  • 3rd: kolesnik 67.41%

Thank you to everyone who took part. We hope you all enjoyed the tournament!

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