Meet Jessy, BBO marketing assistant

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Jessy and I work as the BBO marketing assistant. I’m 25 years old this year, live in Central Java, Indonesia, and a (not-so-pro) bridge player.

What's your typical working day like?

I start the day by checking messages to see what needs to be done during the day. As I live in a different time zone to my teammates, I sometimes have a chance to check their messages when they’re asleep.  Next, I organise my to-do-list and get on with making drafts and brainstorming the content I’ll create for that day. I usually start with the things I can get done quickly. After lunch break, I meet my teammates and once done, I’ll check the list-to-do, finish things that can be finished that day, and make sure everything's fine. That’s it for the day. Switching off my laptop to enjoy the evening with my family.

Jessy and her husband practicing

What's the favorite part of your job?

I’m such a lucky person to be in my current team. I love the positive and collaborative environment in the team. They’re helpful and appreciative. I'm learning a lot and building my skills and knowledge. I appreciate the fact that I have a good work-life balance. I work remotely all the time on a flexible schedule and my boss trusts me to produce high-quality work and results. Of course to maintain that level of trust I keep working hard but at the same time, I can still enjoy the other passion of life.

One word that describes your job?

Flexible! As I mentioned before, my job is flexible and consistently emphasizes the importance of work-life fit. If it can be more than one, then “fun” is the next word as I’m working in what is in fact my hobby.

How did you first start playing Bridge?

I barely remember what age I was when I discovered Bridge. It was when I was in elementary school. My father taught me Minibridge. He was a good bridge player back then. Long story short, I was busy with school so I didn’t play bridge again for a long time until I attended college. I joined the Bridge Student Club at the University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta which is where I graduated. I had a chance to learn Bridge again from zero. I played quite often with my friends. I also joined a club to get more practice and participated in some tournaments. I’m happy that now at least I can beat my father. 

Online or face-to-face bridge?

It depends. Online is good for practicing. BBO is a great place to practice. We can play whenever, and with or without partner which is very convenient. There are also lot of exercises we can do on BBO, like bridge master and the quizzes on the newsfeed.  However, for real matches, I love to play face-to-face. It’s all about the feeling and the nerves you experience at the table. Oh, I missed it! But playing online tourney on BBO is great too! We can get matchpoints which is fun!

Who is/are your partner(s) for bridge?

I used to play with my college friends. I had 2 partners back then, but now they’re not into playing bridge anymore. Now, I play with my husband.

Do you plan on playing professionally in the future?

I’d love to of course, that would be amazing.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Recently I've started to really enjoy cooking. We need to limit our outside activities a little at the moment, and trying new recipes is fun! I also love to watch movies, listening to music, and do yoga to relax.

What is your ideal travel destination?

It has to be adventurous, relaxing, surrounded by nature, and ideally a little bit undiscovered. I love to visit Labuan Bajo, and other eastern Indonesia places. Enjoying sunset and soaking up a beautiful landscape is so relaxing. Also, as I’m used to the Indonesian tropical weather, I’d love to try some icy and snowy places. I'd love to visit Switzerland to enjoy the mountains, lakes, ski resorts, and scenery. That would be amazing. It’s one of my dreams and I hope I can make it come true soon!

Do you have a nickname?

Yes! MJ. My mom and my close friends call me MJ as Misfa Jessy. I love it.

What song are you listening to on repeat right now?

Show Me by San Holo is my top song on my Playlist. However, as I’m pregnant now, the doctor said that the baby in my belly can hear the sounds outside the womb, so recently I've been playing classical music like Mozart and Beethoven. I've heard it's great for the baby’s brain development. 

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5 comments on “Meet Jessy, BBO marketing assistant”
  1. Je suis content de découvrir NJ qui est une personne équilibrée, enthousiaste et pleine de bonne énergie. Je souhaite que tous ses projets se réalisent et la naissance de son bébé lui apporte serenité et épanouissement.

  2. Hi MJ,
    I play BBO and generally play with the Robot. We know the Robot plays 2/1. i am studying Max Hardy, but would like a summary of the Robot's system. Can you help. Thanks, Mike

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