Video: The Quest for the 100% XVIII

Hanoi5 is Hanoi Rondón, professor of bridge and Academic Director of the Chilean Bridge Federation. He brings us his weekly showdown with the robots in the Weekly Free Instant Tournament.

Everything in NT, except for the last hand. 100% all around, except for hand number 5

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5 comments on “Video: The Quest for the 100% XVIII”

  1. That's the nature of the weekly 100% challenge. It's not bridge. It's an attempt to get an absolute top on every board with complete foreknowledge.

  2. Board 1: We can do better at 3SX for +500
    Board 6: Right defense gets +800
    Board 7: 3N makes after 2N-3C-3H-3N. Lead low H's to dummy at 1st two oppertunities

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