Video: The Quest for the 100% XVI

Hanoi5 is Hanoi Rondón, professor of bridge and Academic Director of the Chilean Bridge Federation. He brings us his weekly showdown with the robots in the Weekly Free Instant Tournament.

A very delicate play for nine tricks, NT bids with ate least 4 HCP's less than expected and two defensive tricks with Q5 in the trump suit are part of the things we had to do in order to get to 100%.

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One comment on “Video: The Quest for the 100% XVI”

  1. Board.5: This was my favorite route to 100% in the entire tournament. Pass partner's 1C opening and W re-opens with a double which E eagerly passes.
    I bid 1D which gets doubled. Then, I run to 1N which also gets doubled. 1NT doubled isn't quite enough, so I redouble.
    W leads a H, we duck a S to W who returns a S. Two overtricks for +1560 and a clear 100%

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