Video: The Quest for the 100% XIII

Hanoi5 is Hanoi Rondón, professor of bridge and Academic Director of the Chilean Bridge Federation. He brings us his weekly showdown with the robots in the Weekly Free Instant Tournament.

Opening on a doubleton Major, getting to six when some are going down in 4 and just making 8 tricks in a different denomination than evreyone makes 3, that's how we get 100% in some hands.

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One comment on “Video: The Quest for the 100% XIII”

  1. Board 8 for 100%
    Open 1N, rebid 2D, then 3N
    Win JD lead w K
    Lead SQ to A. They case DA and switch to S10. Win w J
    Lead D9 to 10
    Win H return
    Cash 3C finishing in hand to imply Qx of H
    Cash D8 and pitch last S from dummy. E holds onto H's and the 7x of S are good

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