Grant (card_count) wins the Spring 2022 NABC Robot Individual

The official results are in for the Spring 2022 NABC Robot Individual! We're pleased to announce that the winner is Grant (card_count) with 69.66%. Zach (zvedro) comes in second with 68.24%, closely followed by Alex Perlin (ashdown4) in third with 67.02%. You can see the complete rankings here.

Grant scored well every day; he scored 69.72% on day one, 63.35% on day two and 75.90% on day 3! Day three really saw him bring it home, soaring to the top of the rankings with an overall 69.66%. A great achievement!

Great play also by Adam Deeb (deebo55), who topped Flight C with 65.38%.

Well done to all 2590 of you who took part in the tournament! Find out where you finished up by clicking here.

Day one results

  • 1st: ashdown4 73.80%
  • 2nd: toufu 72.33%
  • 3rd: vaskor 71.46%

Day two results

  • 1st: brian_oh 72.47%
  • 2nd: Dchillrud 71.57%
  • 3rd: liuhvicky 70.41%

Day three results

  • 1st: card_count 75.90%
  • 2nd: gartinmale 75.69%
  • 3rd: lg62 75.59%

Overall results

  • 1st: card_count 69.66%
  • 2nd: zvedro 68.24%
  • 3rd: ashdown4 67.02%

Hope everyone enjoyed the Spring NABC Robot Individual Tournament!

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5 comments on “Grant (card_count) wins the Spring 2022 NABC Robot Individual”
  1. To Lee Ann: There are awards for daily rankings as well as overall total. So someone below you in overall may have gotten a daily award (or, an award for flight C.)

  2. could you please explain the scoring. I did not scratch and many who didnt finish as high as I did scratch. I just want to undersand for next time. My screen name is brandonned and I finished 1395 in A and 880 in B my email is Thanks

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