Video: The Quest for the 100% VIII

Hanoi5 is Hanoi Rondón, professor of bridge and Academic Director of the Chilean Bridge Federation. He brings us his weekly showdown with the robots in the Weekly Free Instant Tournament.

Mostly exaggerating but also some underbids and a classic spade psych. A 7 instead of a 3 makes all the difference, too. Have a look at this 100%.

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One comment on “Video: The Quest for the 100% VIII”

  1. board 2: opening 1H & rebidding 2H allows you to defend 3C for +200, Or, you can get greedy and double 3C. Unfortunately, pd runs to 3H which gets doubled. Careful play and defensive errors allow you to make for 730
    Board 6. You can really get greedy. Open 1H, use RKC and bid 7N. It gets doubled. You can redouble and get a favorable lead

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