Express Reward is here: 4 Fast Boards with BB$ Rewards

We have just launched the Express Reward games: an exciting twist to the popular and addictive Express - 4 Fast Boards indy tournaments.

What is the Express Reward - 4 Fast Boards?

It's a 4-boards, Express style, individual game, with the added bonus that every time you finish the game with a score of 55% or higher, you win a BB$ prize. It's also a bit faster than the classic Express, with 5 minutes per board.

Tournament highlights:

  • This is an Individual game. You do not need a partner to join.
  • 5 minutes per board. Incomplete boards are adjusted automatically.
  • 30 seconds per decision (whether bid or play). Slow players are replaced by robots.
  • Default system is two over one, and a simple 2/1 convention card is pre-loaded into all Express tournaments.
  • Chat is not active.
  • There is no TD. The tournaments are fully automated.
  • Entry fee: 0.20 BB$
  • Finish with 55% or higher, and win 1.5 times your entry fee back.

There are four Express Reward - 4 Fast Boards tournaments per hour, starting every 15 minutes.

To start playing, click COMPETITIVE, then BBO Points Tournaments, or Virtual Clubs -> BBO World, and look for "Express Reward".


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5 comments on “Express Reward is here: 4 Fast Boards with BB$ Rewards”
  1. Its great tournament.Only problem is your partner.Even if you are good,your parner can ruin your chances of getting BBO rewards as happened with me in my last participation.

  2. I like it a lot. Faster. No partner needed. Short turney, can easily be done when I do'nt have time for a long game. Insentive to win BBO$

  3. Thumbs down to this. I'll stick to the .10 game with no BBO$ reward. Can you at least give the full price of game (.20!) rather than half of it? And what Socialist decided that all the prizes should be the same? Higher scores should receive higher prizes.

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