Goodbye JEC (Jimmy Cayne)

Jimmy Cayne, known on BBO as JEC passed away on December 28, at the age of 87. Avid bridge player and legendary among BBOers for his high profile JEC matches, Cayne played on BBO every day and his games were followed by thousands of kibitzers.

JEC has been for years the most followed BBOer, with 42,096 followers on BBO. Next most befriended BBOers are sillafu (Benito Garozzo), with 33,533 followers, and nevaio (Alfredo Versace), with 22,194 followers.

JEC's numerous fans on BBO are invited to commemorate him in a JEC Daylong Tournament, running on December 29 all day, from midnight US Eastern time until midnight the next day. This is a "Just Declare" tournament -- all hands are pre-bid, and you are always declarer. You do not need a partner to join, and you do not need to be familiar with the robot's system to play.

Click Competitive, then All Tournaments to play a few hands in JEC's memory.

UPDATE: 12,258 BBOers joined the JEC memorial tournament on December 29. Full results here.

Rest in peace, Jimmy.


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37 comments on “Goodbye JEC (Jimmy Cayne)”
  1. JEC created interest in the game by inviting all of us to watch matches with world class players. i really hope that some of his playing partners start to open their matches as well. Sadly, most do not allow viewing. RIP Jimmy.

  2. Truly a giant. He always struck me as just a slightly older kid from Chicago who got to New York just a little before I did, and then made good, on bridge and on Wall Street.

    Talk about a monster understatement. It is obvious now he was truly a giant.

    RIP James E. Cayne

  3. I played for fun and had a good time. I think I mistakenly enrolled twice because I got called away to the game when I was already in it!

  4. During the Nationals held in Toronto I decided to go to the city to kibitz some of the great players. After getting off the subway below the Royal York hotel, I met Chip Martel on the stairs going up and (though I didn't know him),, asked him where JEC was playing... He .said , come with me, I'll take you there... I ended up kibitzing Jimmy Cayne... acknowledge by him, and shown his hands as they were dealt... I met that day a very kind man, a man with an aura of warmth...
    I will certainly miss kibitzing him on BBO!

  5. i PLAYED 1 HAND WITH HIM AND HE MUFFED IT. ..Everybody no matter how good they are does that. JEC had a rare mind.. one that could think beyond the ordinary.. a brilliant player who was well appreciated for his game. .a true gentleman at the table..

  6. Hundreds, if not thousands, of newcomers to Bridge learned the game watching JEC, his teammates and opponents play here on BBO.
    They found friends and partners while kibitzing those matches.
    Thanks jec, RIP.

  7. He was a nice guy and was my fraternity brother in college. Very competitive but also very intelligent. Bridge became his passion while he was studying for a mechanical engineering degree, and it changed the direction of his life.

  8. For 18 years, I have watched your play a lot.
    You exaggerated once saying, "Even if you are born 3 times, you will never play as well as I do."
    RIP Jimmy anyway.

  9. Sad news. Had been kindly invited by Diana to play a match against him (with Barmar). A fierce bidder, no defensive slip and a gentle presence at the table. RIP JEC.

  10. Im very sad to hear this. We had many great battles on okbridge. My condolences to the family and the bridgeworld. Rest in peace jimmy.

  11. A great player has fallen, my heart feels downtrodden
    This is no comparison with his family.
    For surely they loved him so, such a grand mind in tow
    Had he not known bridge? For him a calamity
    Mr. Cayne was one of the greats, I certainly do not understate
    When I watched The Man play, there was nothing that could pull me away
    This game brings joy, it is the intellectual's toy
    Bridge brought out the best in me, Jimmy Cayne was so special I decree

    You, sir, will be sorely missed in the world of bridge. To his family I say that he shared joy and wonderment to us all and we were delighted at just seeing him. We love you, Jimmy.

  12. my heart is broken I can't believe you're gone. We've been cooperating for 16 years
    you will be forever in my heart
    from susina 8

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