Interview with Awuy Polii Tracy, winner of WBF Women's 2021 Autumn Festival

Awuy Polii Tracy (TRESI on BBO) won the WBF Women's 2021 Autumn Festival. We caught up with her to find out more.

Tell us a bit about yourself - what do you do, where  do you live

I live in Jakarta. I am 61 years old. I am an Industrial Engineer. But mostly, I am a bridge athlete. In my country, prominent bridge players are called athletes, instead of bridge players. My husband is also a bridge athlete. He is a Grand Master in Asia and  a Senior International Master. He often competes at International Championships, WBF World Championships. So I come from  a bridge family. I have participated in International championships as well.

I usually played with my husband in Mixed pairs or Mixed teams Event. Playing together, we win almost all the time, although some times only in second or third place (or even fourth place).

How did you start playing bridge?

I started to play just as I graduated from college. At that time a prominent Indonesian player was opening a new bridge club, and a friend invited me to join.

Not long after, I won the 1987 National Women Pairs Championship and also The Women Teams Championship.

What can you tell us about your Women’s Festival experience

I started to play again last spring of 2021. I did win in 3 categories 1st in individual human, 3rd in individual robot and  3rd in the overall .

Walk us though your women’s festival experience. Any boards you found interesting or challenging? 

There are so many interesting and challenging boards. But as an athlete, while competing in a WBF championship, I must say that every board is important, interesting, challenging and will determine the results.

When did you realise you might actually win the wbf women’s festival

I was aiming to do better than my last Spring results,. But as you know, there are no certainties with the everchanging partners and robots. Luckily there are 49 sessions. So the more sessions you play the more  the chances you have  to win.

And I think the last session of the tournament determined the results because Lilu64, my rival, did not get enough points to surpass mine. So I am the winner 🙂

“Normal” play, or gaming the robots? What was your strategy?

I don’t have any specific strategy. I always rely on good knowledge of the system (GIB),  and try to play and defend well.

I have many experiences with GIB though, since last year I played in the Romanian Bridge Challenge every week. And also in my country, Indonesia.

Which is your favorite Bridge tournament or event on BBO?

It is “Challenge”, for sure. For me playing Challenge gives lots of experience to sharpen my bridge technique and extend my understanding of the standard system (GIB) because in my country,  I play Precision, as many players do there.

Since covid-19, I played quite  a lot of teams and pairs matches on BBO. But, as I mentioned before, I like playing “Challenge”.

What tips would you give to players who are new to playing with robots?

First of all, try to understand the GIB as much as you can by reading GIB System Notes. Secondly,  be patient (with time and experience you will improve). And   Learn about   Hand Evaluation  and  the Law of Total Tricks

What improvements you would like to see for future tournaments?

More prizes. 🙂

What other things do you enjoy doing besides bridge?

I like watching TV, Movies and  You Tube Channel.

I would like to thank BBO and the organizer of the Festival and WBF for this great Tournament.  And for giving this Opportunity.


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One comment on “Interview with Awuy Polii Tracy, winner of WBF Women's 2021 Autumn Festival”
  1. I clicked the first star, figuring i would click ALL of them. But that turned out to be my rating! A 1 when I was giving a 5.

    I really enjoyed this article. As a woman, i particularly am encouraged when I hear about successful women bridge players.
    AND i am 68, so hearing from someone who is 61 was also great!

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