ACBL Evening Swiss: Daily at 8 PM

Author: Diana
Date: November 19, 2021

If you're a team match fan, you should grab your favorite four and play in our ACBL Evening Swiss. As of Sunday, November 21, you can play every day at 8 PM US Eastern Time. Entry fee is 2.29 BB$ and you will win ACBL Masterpoints if you do well.

What is a Swiss Teams Tournament?
A Swiss Team Tournament is a 3-round of 6 boards (total 18 boards) team tournament. Scoring is VP20 (Victory Points). You can put a team of four together and join, or register as a pair with your favorite partner and invite another pair to be your teammates. If you don't invite team mates, the software will randomly match you up with another pair when the tourney starts.

How to register?
Look for ACBL Evening Swiss in ACBL World. Click the Register button, to register. After you've registered with a partner, return to the tournament registration screen to invite team mates, by clicking the Select Team mates tab. If you don't invite team mates, you'll be matched with another pair randomly when the tourney starts.


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