2021 WBF Women's Online Autumn Festival (November 8 - 14)

The 2021 WBF Women's Online Autumn Festival starts on Monday, November 8, and continues until Sunday, November 14 on Bridge Base Online. All women welcome to join.

With the COVID restrictions in place we are not able to confirm the main prize for the winner as we don't know when, or even if, a championship will be held in the next year that enables us to offer a Pairs event as the prize.


  • Signed certificates from the WBF for top 3 players in each event.
  • BB$ prizes for the top 15 overall leaders.
  • WBF Online Master Points for the top 20 players of the Festival.
  • BBO Points will be awarded based on the size of the field.

Every tournament has also been peppered with smaller BB$ prizes. You just need to do well or be lucky to win those.


TournamentEuropean Time (CET)NY Time (EST)NSW, AustraliaIndia IST
Robot Duplicate MPs Individual14.308.30AM00.3019.00
Robot Duplicate IMPs Individual03.009PM13.0007.30
Robot Duplicate MPs Individual07.001AM17.0011.30

How to join the tourneys?

  1. Please be a woman.
  2. Look for the *** WBF WOMEN'S FESTIVAL *** series of tournaments, hosted by WOMEN_FEST in the list of all tourneys and register. That's it!
  3. You will be able to see and hear the players who have already joined the Video Chat

For more information about the Festival, prizes, and how to enter etc., please visit the International Women's Online Bridge Club official site.

Entry fees for the tournaments will be 1 BB$, and again we say, this is for ladies only. Invite your friends!

Please join us and help make this the best Women’s Bridge Festival ever!

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10 comments on “2021 WBF Women's Online Autumn Festival (November 8 - 14)”
    1. Goodwill and common sense generally. The games will have video chat as well, so we can see each other.

      For the final prizes, the winners will have to give their real name and WBF number to receive the masterpoints, certificates and other prizes so if they aren't women they will not qualify for the prizes.

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