ACBL Tricks AND Treats Online Regional

October 28 - 31

Here it comes. The latest online regionally rated event, Tricks AND Treats! Earn gold points and more between October 28 and 31, Thursday to Sunday.

There'll be a variety of two-session and single-session events to choose from every day. There’s something for players of all experience levels.

There'll also be Daily Bulletins posted to BridgeFeed, along with recorded mini-lessons from celebrity speakers.

Grab a handful of candy corn, put on your witch’s hat and play in Tricks AND Treats!


For more information, including FAQ and the schedule, visit the ACBL website.

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41 comments on “ACBL Tricks AND Treats Online Regional”

  1. Yes, obviously it is less expensive for the ACBL to run these games online. But when played face-to-face the normal entry fees are $30 or more per game at sanctioned events where you can chase after Red and Gold MPs. So the players are getting reduced entry fees AND also avoiding expenses such as hotels, meals, travel, etc. Without going into excruciating detailed calculations, I would say the ACBL is splitting the difference with us players.

    1. We still are running four sessions per day, except for the evening of October 31, Halloween night. The main events are the second and third sessions. For those who want to play four sessions side games are available in the morning and at night. Side games are also alternatives to the main events duirng the second and third sessions.

  2. Agree with online fees being way too high. There are no hotel big rooms rental, no paper supplies, no rental equipment, caddy salaries, trophy costs, special prizes, candy, pencils, etc. i am sure there are many more savings that I haven't thought about.

    1. Because there were no revenues coming in from tournaments and clubs for 18 months (and still very little presently), the ACBL might not have survived but for the revenue from the virtual regionals. We hope to return to face to face bridge soon. When we get there, we will still have a viable organization, thanks to the virtual regionals

    1. Yes. Partnership opens at the same time as registration, two hours before the start of the event. Go to ACBL World, click on to your event, and then instead of choosing register, choose Partnership Desk

  3. Events are in ACBL World. They appear two hours ahead of the start of the game. Remember all times are Eastern

  4. I don't mind paying a little more, but double would be pushing it. Triple is ridiculous. You have no extra expenses to put on these tournaments, you just give gold points instead of black points.

    1. Without the revenues from bridge clubs and face to face tournaments, the ACBL was unsustainable. The funds from virtual regionals will help to ensure that the ACBL will still exist when we are ready to get back to playing at our clubs and participating in face to face tournaments.

  5. Are Black (or Silver or Red) MPs awarded for those who finish high enough in an individual Side Game but fail to put together 2 sessions that qualify for Gold?

    1. You can play any event, but you would probably prefer the 499er pairs or the Gold Rush. After you click onto your event, choose partnership. Once you find your partner, then you may register.

  6. Although the online regional fees seem high, in fact they are a bargain for me. I play three sessions a day (on line $45, four days for a total of $180) In the last F2F regional, I paid $33 table fees per day ($132 for 4 days) , nearly $500 hotel fees for three nights, high restaurant prices for food, and travel expenses (over 100 miles away) for a total cost well over three times as much as the online regionals. Personally, I do not mind the lower overall cost and convenience of playing at home. I only hope they continue to host these games on line.

  7. Please advise are there any games for the beginner/intermediate with 15-99 MP , or are we to enter the very high games. Seems very difficult to play with people in 300 category, and why are fees so high. Would really like to enter if possible. Thanks for your understanding.

    Caroline Tower

    1. Although there is no 99er event, there is a 499er game where the lowest flight is 0-100 by average. So even though there is a bit tougher competition, you will have an opportunity to win points when compared to those pairs in the 0-100 category

  8. They sure are. It seems ACBL does not care, inspite of the fact that several players have complained about the high Online fees..

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