Play the all new ACBL 299er Daylong

The latest incarnation of the popular ACBL daylong tournaments has just been launched

Loads of players have been asking for it, so here it is! Designed for ACBL members with fewer than 300 ACBL masterpoints®.

This is a great place to improve your bridge and win ACBL masterpoints® and BBO points. It’s a safe, kind environment for newcomers and the robots don’t complain if you make a mistake!

You play at your own pace and don’t need a partner as it’s with robots, but don't panic as everything is alerted and explained. Just click each bid to see what it means before making a move and mouse over your own bids in the bidding box to check what they mean to your robot partner.

You get 24 hours to complete your boards and can take a break anytime and come back later in the day to resume your game. Just make sure you’ve finished your boards by 5AM US Eastern Time US Eastern time.

Have a go, you’ll love it. Go to ACBL World > ACBL 299er Daylong to play.

* Games are free for ACBL members with fewer than 5 ACBL masterpoints®

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12 comments on “Play the all new ACBL 299er Daylong”

  1. Click on "Competitive" at the home screen and then All Tournaments. It is listed towards the top. Then click on ACBL 299r
    Day Long

  2. Terrific plan as I only need less than one master point to become a life master. This came a little too late for me but my husband plays for free.

  3. RE: "use your zip code database to create a chat room". Please give the steps to do this. If I wait until I figure it out, it may not happen, and it's a great idea. Thanks

  4. This is a great idea! IDEA use your zip code database to create a chat room for 30 days prior to each tournament for those wanting partners and team mates---an internet partner desk!

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