What can I play in half an hour?

Bridge doesn't have to take up a lot of time. In fact, online bridge offers you a range of options if you don't have much time to spare. Here are some suggestions that'll help you get your bridge fix, without stopping you from doing all the other things that life brings your way!

Robot Duplicate Tournaments

Robot duplicates are great if you're looking for that ‘live feeling’ but only have 30 minutes to spare. The games are inexpensive, award BBO Points and have a nice steady rhythm. You might think 30 minutes is fast for eight boards, but the robots play very quickly, which gives you plenty of time to think through your game strategy, even if you're not the fastest of players.
From BBO home screen click: Robot World > Robot Duplicate (MP or IMP)

Express 4 Fast Boards

Games start every 15 minutes and once underway last for just 24 minutes. You've 30 seconds for each decision (bidding or playing) and will get through your four boards in only 24 minutes. The entry fee is only 0.10 BB$ and BBO Points are awarded. As you'd expect, you don't need a partner this is an individual tournament. Perfect for a quick bridge fix!
From BBO home screen click: Competitive > BBO Points Tournaments > Express 4 Fast Boards

Instant Tournaments

These are great for when you want to play a tourney, but don't want to wait for everyone else to get started. Instant Tournaments are (not surprisingly) Instant! Start a game at any time, and you'll be compared with 14 players who've already played the hands in the past. Results come through immediately, so you don't have to wait for everyone else to finish to find out how you've done. The Weekly Free Instant Tournament is always lots of fun, and you can rewind and start over as many times as you want.
From BBO home screen click: Instant Tournaments


Feel like clicking a few hands while waiting for your lunch or walking the dog? Head over to the Solitaire area and pick your favorite game. There's no start or end time, you just click and play.
From BBO home screen click: Solitaire

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