Watch, play and socialize

Everything you love about BBO has just got even better with the latest update. There's a lot more video, both in play and on Vugraph. Now there are even more opportunities to make friends and socialize!

Video Chat in team matches

Video Chat is now free of charge and supported in all types of tournament as well as in team matches. Please email to find out how to activate video for your club game or event.

Delayed Vugraph

We’ve also added delayed Vugraph which, as the name suggests, uses a delay to avoid showing the hands in play before they’re completed. Entertainment and security aren't mutually exclusive!

Live video stream overlay

We’ve added the ability to include a video stream into your Vugraph presentations. The image below shows how this looks within BBO. You’re able to watch, chat, and view results as usual, whilst also seeing the live video stream if your broadcast offers video commentary.

Vugraph with video stream

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17 comments on “Watch, play and socialize”

  1. I received your email but I can’t get into the bridge base with my password. You used this password in your memo. Perhaps my user name is different than the usual one I use. Need your help. Please respond.

  2. ich bin sicher nicht die beste Bridge-Spielerin der Welt, versuche aber weiterzukommem. Gerne würde ich ab und zu mit denselben Partner casual spielen.Hat wer Zeit und Interesse ?

  3. Playing bridge online for a very long time...wanting to know how to get points towards a bridge degree of some kind. Please help.

  4. Is the Video Chat available for regular club competitions? I'm not fully sure whether the term 'tournament' includes our weekly competitions.

  5. like Betty Marver I am having trouble getting used to playing with others . starter games for people llke us would be very helpful

  6. I am registered twice under name faygimess and faygimesr, under faygimess was not able to add details e.g. country caliber of play etc. would like to know how to do that. I currently play using that one, faygimess. Maybe you can explain how I can add details. fnanks fm

  7. I hope this video stream won t make the boards or the cards smaller to use up screen space on an iPad to see faces. Great feature if you can leave it off if you choose especially if my device is on my lap.

    I will try but it sure looks like a busy screen.

    I hope it is an option to turn on or off. And cards and boards renain as large as possible.

    I have had trouble with the 6 s and 9s the way the cards present themselves.


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