August Promo: Express – 4 Fast Boards

The top 20 players winning the most BBO points in Express – 4 Fast Boards tournaments every month will be awarded 5 BB$ - Good luck everyone!

August Express Leaders

Leaderboard (click here for Top 100)

You can find the Express – 4 Fast Boards tournaments in Competitive -> BBO Points Tournaments. It's a fast paced, short individual tournament and costs only 0.10 BB$. There are 4 per hour, starting every 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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18 comments on “August Promo: Express – 4 Fast Boards”

  1. when i said it was a bore i meant that vugraph has the same players ad finitum the Gupta team for example

  2. If an inadvertent mistake is made during 4 board fast game , is their any corrections method to rectify the mistake ?kamalM

  3. I keep getting knocked off - 4 times last night and the first time I tried to play tonight. What's going on? Please let me know as I've played for months with no problems until last night.

  4. Where can I ask questions regarding certain t hints that appear in bridge.I will ask one here but maybe not appropriate forum. When a player leaves a table sometimes a robot takes that place quickly other times a player may wait for ages to get a replacement so how does this happen.

  5. Right now, there are ~15,000 players online, including a couple of vugraphs, so that's not a bore.

    If you mean it's a bore to see the same people on the Express leaderboard, it's perhaps because they enjoy that tourney, and know the system* well enough to do well in it.

    *The system is advised as 2/1. In practice, that often means a 13-18/19 NT range, 19/20-24 2NT range, with absolutely no forcing bids: never mind misunderstandings, natural or conventional meanings, even with a suit agreed partners will drop you in a trial/cue-bid or splinter, pass a forcing 2 Club opening, open most hands with a NT bid regardless of shape or points, play or ignore transfers on a whim, respond to a quantitative 4NT raise with their preferred replies to Blackwood (replies to Blackwood are always random, but never RKC per the Convention card available to all players).

    But if you find a good contract by pure luck, or by chance you get seated opposite a competent player, you can pick up a few masterpoints. Those masterpoints alone, for only four boards/10c can be attractive to some, and if you're not doing so well after 3 boards, some players chasing the leaderboard will leave, join the next tourney.

    It's not particularly good bridge (that's not to take anything away from those that do well every month), but it's a quick tourney under time pressures, and if nothing else it forces players to be alert to bid or play a card in a timely manner - there is no chat, no telling the table to be faster, the system does that for us.

  6. someone asking why do we always see the same people on 4 Fast Boards I think because they are the best, I'm will aim to get my name there to one day

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