Yauheni Siutsau wins the Summer 2021 NABC Robot Individual

The official results are in for the Summer 2021 NABC Robot Individual! Tough field, with the winning score under the 70% mark. The winner is one of the regulars in these events, and a frequent finisher in top 10. This summer, Yauheni Siutsau (zhenya__S) finally wins his national title, with a score of 69.38%. Harrison Luba (hilto37) comes in second with 68.54%, closely followed by Tien-Chun Yang (tcyang) in third with 68.07%. You can see the complete rankings here.

Zhenya started strong, with 73.76% at the end of Day 1, followed by 67.52% on the second day and finally 66.85% for the third session. Consistently high scoring, he topped the overalls with his hard earned 69.38% overall. Well done !

Christopher Moh (chrismoh) topped Flight B with 65.17%, and Thomas Michalek (TommyM47) and Adam Deeb (deebo55) tied for first in C at 62.09%.

Well done to all 2,577 of you who took part in the tournament! Find out where you finished up by clicking here.

Day one results

1st75.14%Harrison Lubahilto37
2nd73.76%Yauheni Siutsauzhenya__S
3rd73.16%Eric Grecogreco

Day two results

1st72.48%Howard Parker IIITIGER BAIT
2nd70.79%Ronald Vickeryrvickery
3rd70.33%Steve Shireyshireysa

Day three results

1st75.63%John MayneJRMayne
2nd75.34%Zachary Vedrozvedro
3rd71.71%Thomas MichalekTommyM47

Overall results

169.38%Yauheni Siutsauzhenya__S
268.54%Harrison Lubahilto37
368.07%Tien-Chun Yangtcyang
467.33%Gavin Wolpertgavin
567.06%Jorge Barrerasantafe
666.96%Lesley Thomsonlesley20
766.63%Steve Shireyshireysa
866.04%Richard McCombsdeinos
965.87%Corey Krantzzen
1065.79%Franco Baseggiobaseggio

Hope everyone enjoyed the Summer NABC Robot Individual Tournament!