Dumb & Dumber

Here comes the last board of the Zenith Daylong Reward toonimint, that took place on July 2nd, us needing a top board to contend, as usual. 🙁

With the black Kings marked onside, if needed, I fantasized a 6♠ slam if my partner could cooperate. So I faked a perfectly obvious splinter Q-bid of 4!! I didn't realize that "Silly Putty" was soooo clueless as to understand 4 as "3-5♠, 3-5, 3-4♣, & 12+ "total points". HUH?? But that mis-info also infected WEST, who thought we were insane, and DOUBLED 4♠ for no apparent reason!

I SNICKERED, and consolidated our top board with a booming "REDOUBLE" - (by the way, newly promising 25-31 "total points" - which is hardly an overstatement). But suddenly the robot PULLED 4♠XX to 5, showing 5+ (not), 4♠ (not) and 5+ total points (not). WHAT an ATROCITY 🙁 Loath to play in our weak 4-1  fit, I retreated to 5♠X. Opponent lead the K then out a trump. I won the ♠ 10 and found the great play of......♣Q!-K-ruff, and a 2nd trump to dummy.

Now all I had to do was HIT the CLAIM BUTTON for +650. But instead, I drew another phantom trump, and when the ♣s went 6-2 I ended a trick short for -200 and another zorrini! WHAT a fool! 🙁 We truly deserve each other. Someone put us out of our misery, please?

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4 comments on “Dumb & Dumber”

  1. Never redouble in pairs: if you make your doubled contract you're going to be ok (even if 1 or 2 are in a slam if that happens to make)

  2. You have to play it again next week. but get a better robot and always hit claim even if you have itchy fingers...

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