July Promo: Express – 4 Fast Boards

The top 20 players winning the most BBO points in Express – 4 Fast Boards tournaments every month will be awarded 5 BB$ - Good luck everyone!

July Express Leaders

Leaderboard (click here for Top 100)

You can find the Express – 4 Fast Boards tournaments in Competitive -> BBO Points Tournaments. It's a fast paced, short individual tournament and costs only 0.10 BB$. There are 4 per hour, starting every 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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9 comments on “July Promo: Express – 4 Fast Boards”

  1. There had been four internal errors in the tournament as explained by you . When will this error will be corrected and charges paid for the tournament will be refunded or adjusted ? Thanks for early reply

  2. At times it is most disappointing and frustrating to the extent that one think of quieting the game . I am sure others too must be having same or similar feelings .

  3. I am in agreement with the first comment. Players playing in this competition should have to be an intermediate or above to enter. Most of the players who are novices or beginners so not play 2/1 which I thought was a requirement. There should be two different segments based on ability. It is ruining bridge as we know it to mix players together.

  4. I am looking for a partner to make a pair enabling me to participate in (pair bridge tournament) I am 86 . Had been playing bridge privately under Goren Staymen convention . Almost free during day time ( Pakistan time ) . Not a master player . My folio is available with BBO and can be checked . My cell no 92 321 2110437.

  5. yo juego muchos esos torneos. pero hoy no se porque declare y me sacaron al mismo momento. eso esta mal, deben ver porque sucede eso.

  6. I am having trouble getting BBO on my IPAD ACLE 2352400 bbo user name bibee1934 can u please helo me find a answer to mu problem dbmiller34 @gmail.com

  7. Novice shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the tournament . A partnership with a novice leaves a bad taste resulting in frustration and disappointment.

    1. We were all novices at one point. I guess some of us forget where we come from. That is one way to drive people away from bridge and believe me when I say Bridge cannot afford to have that happen

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