Free ACBL Games for 0-5 MP ACBL members

If you're an American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) member with fewer than 5 ACBL Masterpoints you can play for free in any of the 6 ACBL Daylong tournaments.

How to play the free ACBL daylongs

  • You have to be an ACBL member. Click here to join the ACBL if you're not a member
  • Click here to update your ACBL number with BBO, so we know how many Masterpoints you have
  • Masterpoints you win are sent to the ACBL at the end of each month
  • Click ACBL World and click on the game you'd like to play.

This is the perfect opportunity to improve your bridge and win Masterpoints. It's a safe, polite environment for newcomers and the robots don't complain if you make a mistake! Remember to click each bid to see what it means before making a move. You can also mouse over your own bids in the bidding box to check what your robot partner will understand. Take a break anytime and come back later in the day to resume your game. Just make sure you've finished your boards by midnight US Eastern time.

Take a look at the video below to find your game.

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5 comments on “Free ACBL Games for 0-5 MP ACBL members”

  1. Hey have you looked at the video? You can play every day if you have between 0 and 5 ACBL Masterpoints. Just click on the daylong, register and play when you want.

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