Registration is now open: Fall 2021 NABC Robot Individual

What is the NABC Robot Individual?

It’s a three-day stratified (Unlimited/2000/500) online event hosted by BBO. Join the fun — and win big — Red/Gold masterpoints as well as an NABC title up for grabs

Event details

  • ACBL Masterpoints (Red and Gold), as well as an NABC title!
  • November 20-22, 2021 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). 24 boards per day
  • You choose your own start time and have until midnight EST to complete your 24 boards
  • It’s stratified to level the playing field – Unlimited/2000/500. Non North American players are considered unlimited
  • Event format is similar to the Daylong or ACBL Daylong tournaments on BBO

Practice tournaments 

Practices will be held on the weekends of November 6 and 7 November 13 and 14. Here's a video on why it's a good idea to practice for the NABC Robot Individual.

How to register and things to note

You need to pre-register for the NABC Robot Individual, and you need to be an ACBL member to play.

  1. Early bird registration available between November 5 and November 15 (midnight EST) for a discounted 40 BB$ fee. You can purchase BB$ here
  2. You can also get a 6 BB$ discount if you played in the 2021 Summer NABC Robot  (34 BB$ if you register early, or 44 BB$ from November 15)
  3. You need to be an ACBL member to play. Join or renew your ACBL Membership by Friday, November 19, 2021 (3 PM EST)
  4. To register, login to BBO, then click ‘ACBL World’ and look for ‘ACBL NABC Robot Individual’.
25 comments on “Registration is now open: Fall 2021 NABC Robot Individual”

  1. $40 a lot of money to play with a usually dumb robot. Any chance of practice rounds after Nov. 14? Today is Nov. 15 and I haven't seen anything about this tournament until today because of illness.

  2. I played late last night, after deadline due to storm! The registration disappeared cannot find it to play today? History also does not reflect activity.

  3. Can you only play 24 boards per day? Could you play Saturdays boards then 1/2 of Sundays on Saturday or must you only play 24 each day of 3 days?

  4. I signed up for robot tourney in time to get early bird discount. See no place that it has me signed up or any place with a discount. Not sure now if in tournament

  5. Actually, these robots are real dumb. Every time if you bid 4NT, it must be taken as slam RKC asking. I really don't know how to bid just 4NT?

  6. I inadvertently registered for this NOT want to play and can find no place to cancel. Can anyone help out?

  7. I signed up for a practice. Do not want to participate in paid tourney. Please cancel my registration.j

  8. Why is the practice tournament not showing under the ACBL world tab after registering for the tournament?

  9. I registered a few hours ago. What is the lag time for the practice tournament to be available? I've logged off and back on multiple times and the practice tournament does not show under ACBL World not under any other tab that I can see. It should have been noted under the registration that there would be a lengthy delay for availability of the practice tournament.

  10. Can I play in the practice tournament before deciding to register? How do I get to it?

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