BBO Upgraded

We've some good news. BBO 5.9.1 is here with lots of bug fixes and improvements.

In this release:

  • New feature allowing partners to set their convention card from the tournament's registration screen
  • Fixed a bug related to viewing results in team matches
  • Fixed a bug where bidding diagram overlapped bidding box at bidding tables
  • TD tools: Bug fixes related to some tournament filters
  • TD tools: Finetune order of TD calls (calls from table first)
  • TD tools: Default result to the table contract when adjusting a board
  • TD tools: Improvement to the substitution process
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

We update the BBO platform regularly to make it faster and more reliable for you. To see what's new go to and click Login/Register.

Our updates are based on your feedback so please to contact us at with comments, suggestions and to report any pesky bugs.

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