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Splash Teams Tournament (June 12-13)

Two days: Saturday and Sunday. Short and sweet, everyone welcome. 1 BB$ per player. Gather your team together and join in!

Qualifications: Saturday, June 12

  • Swiss Teams, two sessions. Each session is 4 rounds of 6 boards, IMPs converted to VPs:
    • 11 AM New York Time (5 PM Paris Time) - Session 1
    • 2 PM New York Time (8 PM Paris Time) - Session 2
  • Teams can play either one or both sessions. Finish in top 4 in any of the sessions and you're qualified
  • 8 teams move forward to the Knockouts on Sunday, June 13 (the top 4 teams from each session).

Knockout Phase: Sunday, June 13

  • 10 AM New York Time (4 PM Paris Time): Quarterfinals, 16 boards
  • Noon New York Time (6 PM PM Paris Time): Semifinals, 16 boards
  • 2.30 PM New York Time (8.30 PM Paris Time): Finals, Segment 1/2 (10 boards)
  • 4 PM New York Time (10 PM Paris Time): Finals, Segment 2/2 (10 boards)

Losers of the semifinals will play a 10-board playoff at 2.30 PM New York Time (8.30 PM Paris Time)


  • 1st place: 50 BB$ (per team)
  • 2nd place: 40 BB$ (per team)
  • 3rd place: 30 BB$ (per team)
  • 4th place: 20 BB$ (per team)


  • Entry fee is 1 BB$ per player, to be paid by the team members during the swiss teams qualifiers, on Saturday, June 12.
  • There is no additional fee if your team qualifies for the knockouts to be played on June 13.
  • A team can contain up to 8 players. Real names are mandatory.
  • Team captains will receive instructions via email, guiding them on how to find the qualifier sessions on BBO and how to join with their team
  • Click here to fill in the registration form

Deadline for registrations

June 11, midnight US Eastern Time (6AM CET on June 12 for Europe).

How to pay?

  • Each player pays their own entry fee, which is 1 BB$ per session. Entry fees will be paid on Saturday, June 12, when your team joins the Swiss Teams Tournament on BBO. Make sure all your players have enough BB$ on June 12, when the Swiss starts.
  • If you don't have BB$, click here to purchase some.

BBO will monitor for cheating. Teams suspected of using unauthorized information will be disqualified. 

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