Play in the ACBL's Longest Day, June 19-20

Playing Bridge to Raise Funds

The Longest Day is an annual fundraising event held to support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by the Alzheimer’s Association. This is the eighth year the ACBL community have supported the association, having raised more than $6 million so far.

Bridge is uniquely suited for The Longest Day because studies have shown that playing strategic games, like bridge, help keep your brain healthy. The Alzheimer’s Association has even included playing bridge on its list of 10 Ways to Love Your Brain.

How do I participate?

Simply play in your usual ACBL Virtual Club game during the weekend of June 19 and 20. Sanction fees paid to the ACBL will be donated along with 50% of BBO's proceeds.

If your club is now playing face to face bridge or you want to donate then please check the ACBL website for all the details about getting involved.

How do I find the games?

Click on “Virtual Clubs” on the main menu then “ACBL – North America” and look for your club.

If your club hasn’t signed up yet as a Virtual Club, it’s never too late. Club managers can fill out a short form to get started.

For all the details visit the ACBL event page

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  1. trying to find list of clubs/events in ON , Canada - the list is blank. Is there a list for June19/20 ?

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