Play in the ACBL Endless Summer, June 24-27

Celebrate warmer days and moonlit nights with the Endless Summer Tournament – your next chance to win gold and red masterpoints® online!

The Endless Summer Tournament spans four days (June 24-27, Thurs.-Sun.) and is filled with pair events for every level – including gold rush twice daily. Play at your level or challenge yourself with an open game. Click here for the event schedule.

Along with games each day, there will also be new videos of mini-lessons from celebrity speakers uploaded daily. See the post on BridgeFeed for a link to at least one new video added every morning.

Register to play and you'll also be supporting the Alzheimer’s Association as $1 per entry will be donated.

Gold points and golden sunshine! Here’s to an endless summer!

14 comments on “Play in the ACBL Endless Summer, June 24-27”

  1. how can I stop a player (bisolit) following me around and using foul language. I can't even enjoy the game.

    1. Add them to your ignores under the people section. -If in a tournament call the director using the blue box with white lines on it, affectionately called a hamburger. Let them know, & they will investigate. You could join BBO Prime Club & play in peace! If you encounter bad behaviour in the Prime Club you may use the Report abuse feature to inform BBO's Abuse Department.

  2. Looking for partner for the following
    24-27 June 2021
    Side games 1015 am (EST)
    Gold rush 515 pm (EST) and 845pm (EST)

    I have 450+ MP
    I need just need 23.88 more gold/platinum MPs to be lifemaster
    I play either 2/1 or SAYC

    My bbo nickname is game1980

      1. Hi my name is Vipin. I have played mostly as a single on the machine. Would like ti try as a pair.

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