Watch the BIC Super Final live on Vugraph - May 22

UPDATE: Click here for the BIC Invitational Results.

Bridge International Championship 2nd edition

This year's Bridge International Championship isn't over yet! The winners of the BIC from all three participating online platforms are ready for one final confrontation. Who'll be victorious when they meet head-to-head and be crowned the Super BIC Champion? Login to BBO Vugraph on May 22 to find out who's going to be taking home the BB$ and WBF Master Points!

Live on BBO Vugraph - the premiere Bridge International Championship exhibition tournament with multi language commentary

Meet the BIC Champions

RankBridge Base OnlineFunbridgeChina Bridge Online
1Phil Markey (Australia)Steven de Donder (Belgium)Huanzhou Peng (China)
2Silviu Iovescu (Romania) [3]Olivier Las Pada (Switzerland)Xiao Xu (China)
3Zahari Zahariev (Bulgaria) [4]Peter Splettstößer (Germany) [6]Xiangyu Liu (China)
4Jeffrey Klemm (USA) [5]Jerzy Misiak (Poland) [7]Guoping Huang (China)
5Jose Cortina (USA) [7]John Zaluski (Canada) [8]Changchun Zheng (China)
6Tugbars Bozkurt (Turkey) [8]Evgeny Marchenko (Russia) [11]Zhengkun Zhang (China)
7Simon Rosin (Israel) [9]David Käser (Switzerland) [16]Zhengfei Hu (China)
8Hans Geir Aasmundsen (Norway) [10]Hua Mi (China)
Peter Kjer (Denmark)

When's it taking place?

Saturday, May 22, at 9am New York Time (3pm Paris time, 9pm Beijing time).

Tournament specifics

  • 23 boards, Individual, MPs.
  • Invitational: top 8 winners of the BIC event from each participating online bridge platform
  • Default system card is the WBF standard card
  • Video chat on, no screens
  • Director in Charge: Maurizio di Sacco
  • WBF Masterpoints and BB$ Prizes awarded:
    • 1st place: 200 BB$
    • 2nd place: 150 BB$
    • 3rd place: 100 BB$

How to watch the exhibition tournament

It's very easy. Login to and click Vugraph as shown below.

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