BIC Exhibition Tournament: May 22, 2021

Bridge International Championship 2nd edition

How to play?

Visit and login with your BBO username and password.

Be online about 10 minutes before start time. You will be taken straight to the game table when the event starts.


Saturday, May 22, at 9am New York Time (3pm Paris time, 9pm Beijing time).

Tournament specifics

  • 23 boards, Matchpoints scoring.
  • Individual, restricted to top 8 winners of the BIC event from each participating online bridge platform
  • Default system card is the WBF standard card
  • Video chat on, no screens. About Video Chat.
  • There will be a short 5-10 minutes break after board 12
  • Director in Charge: Maurizio di Sacco
  • WBF Masterpoints and BB$ Prizes awarded to top finishers.
  • CCBA Masterpoints for top CBO players.

Tips & Tricks when playing on BBO

  • Turn on "Confirm bids" and "Confirm cards" in Account -> Settings, to minimize misclicks
  • Mute your microphone while playing, background noise can be distracting to the others.
  • Familiarize yourself with the BBO interface before the event, if you are not a regular BBO user. Here's a video showing the basics.

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