Welcome back to BBO, Uday!

Many of you will already know Uday Ivatury. He's been away for a year or two, but the man who helped make BBO what it is today has decided to return as Executive Vice President and CTO. He missed ‘his baby’ so much that he just couldn’t stay away!

Uday hasn’t been far away from BBO. His rapid development work as a consultant helped transform BBO into the online hub for thousands of bridge clubs around the world when face-to-face games became impossible last year.

The whole team are absolutely thrilled to have Uday back onboard - he's in the BBO DNA!

We asked why he'd chosen to come back to BBO and Uday replied,

"I know online bridge has become more prominent during the pandemic. From here, I think the future will bring some very interesting interactions between offline and online,  and  I want to be here to be part of it."

With Uday’s help, BBO will continue to improve, both for existing players and newcomers. He'll be central to developing innovative ways to connect, play and compete. His technical expertise and deep knowledge of the game will help make your game more accessible and engaging than ever before.

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28 comments on “Welcome back to BBO, Uday!”

  1. I hope he will see to that bugs reports are handled in a better way. My experience is that it's very difficult to get a bug corrected, if corrected at all! Good Luck with this clean up!

  2. Welcome back!! As one of the players who has been here since the earth cooled, BBO has always been a place to unwind. Thank you for all you have done and I look forward to what you will do in our BBO universe. Regards, Tschuss

  3. wc back UDAY
    Last windous version was more,more good .,this version is rubbish, with pb, complicate etc etc. PLS LAST VERSION BACK TY

  4. I hope that Uday does something to improve the absolutely awful BBO interface. The Windows version was 20x better than this rubbish.

  5. Welcome back and thanks for all your work!
    I'd like to suggest that the #1 prioriity be the merging, or reconnecting, of the casual and home side of the site. Having them seperate diminishes communication and the social aspect of seeing bridge friends online. It also makes club management difficult. #2 priority, Please add some form of Butler scoring where top and bottom comparison scores are thrown out. This will help diminish the damage of those runaway 7ntXX scores that appear so often.
    Good luck!

  6. AMAZING NEWSSSSSSSSS! I am so happy to hear that and i am very sure all the others who were playing/directing in BBO since old times, feel same. Welcome back uday!H Great move from BBO to have you back 🙂

  7. Welcome back and I do hope you can do something about the very unfriendly version BBO has become with the two servers. Setting up games and team matches with friends involves switching from side to see to see which friends are available.

  8. Welcome back Uday. Great to have you back on BBO. Specially proud moment for Vizagites and the Andhras.

  9. I am so happy you are back U!! Nothing has been the same. Your hekp and experience were and are very much needed 🙂 I am really happy U!!

  10. Hi Uday, my name is Geday, Eva Geday, don't you think it's very funny. Anyway I love playing on line and probably will play for ever. even i'm playing in the club ,good luck with your old or new position Regards Eva

  11. I also hope that Uday will improve robots' defense and declarer play. The graphical interface should also be improved. I could send you my suggestions but i do not know if you read them and take into account.

  12. I hope that Uday will help the BBO team in improving robots' bidding. The robots should bid exactly acording to the GIB system. They do it in general but sometimes their bids are surprising or simply stupid.

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